Hey, Can anyone recommend some good interactive toys for a 6m old? I think he is getting bored of what he has 🤣
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I think fisher price or vtech have some really nice linkable toys but there quite expensive! They all interact and link together! Don’t forget all your natural toys aswel like sponges, scrunches wooden objects etc!xxx

Yes I agree with Rebecca, we have some of the linkable toys and we found a lot of them on ebay second hand but amazing condition

Bottles with different things in! Rice, pasta, buttons, pom poms etc. My girl loves them! You can also make sparkly bottles with water, baby oil and glitter like mini lava lamps x

@Hannah what kind of bottles do you use? I tried a water bottle but all she did was gnaw the bottle cap 🫠

@chelsea just a mix of different bottles that we have brought like water/ lucosade/oasis etc for different shapes of the bottles with ridges etc. If you swish them up and down to see and hear the motion of the things inside moving and the noise your little one may enjoy that more as my girl laughs her face off at it x

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