Baby wipes recommendations

What is everyone using ? We used kirkland wipes but with all the recent news on those wondering what to use now. Any recommendations ?
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I am currently using pampers and Huggies o have Kirkland baby wipes but I bought these 6-12 months ago so idk if they are affected. From what I’m seeing it’s their flushable wipes I haven’t seen anything on the baby wipes yet.

we use parasol! you can get them on amazon. we use to use kirkland and i loved them but my daughter would scream every diaper change since the switch diaper changes don’t bother her at all

Kirkland made my vagina burn one time from direct contact with the wipe. I’m so sensitive. We use the water wipes brand The lawsuit isn’t saying anything terrible about the quality of Kirkland wipes tho. The lawsuit is bc their flushable wipes aren’t actually flushable and clog pipes

Huggies natural care wipes

I was using pampers aqua pure. No complaints there.. my baby did fine with them, but I was gifted Honest wipes per request and actually ended up liking them much better. It has a thicker woven texture so the quality is great and it seems to grab more soil so you’re actually using less wipes.

We use pampers aqua pure but recently ran out and went to Amazon brand water wipes. No complaints on either!

Has anyone tried the MomCozy wipes?

@McKenna no! I like their diapers tho. So soft. We’re trying out the Millie moon bc I thought they were chlorine free but nope. They just started using chlorine

Huggies natural

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