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Hello everyone! Sorry for the long post, please bear with me! I’m 39+1 and have been desperate to meet baby! However, I went for a growth scan yesterday and they said that baby girl is on 3rd percentile so to expect a conversation about induction. They saw me in triage but was ultimately let go as she was moving loads and no other “bad signs” as I have an appointment today anyway with my consultant. Also, just found out I have a problem with my heart so they have also said the water birth I dreamed of may be out of the question. Just wondering, is it likely the consultant today will send me straight to the ward to wait for an induction or if it would probably get booked for another day? I know it’s probably impossible to know but just wondering if anyone else has had similar? Also, nervous in general about having an induction as I had told myself the entire pregnancy I wanted to refuse all interventions but now I am just so scared for her and myself that I think I will have to accept!
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I had pre clampsia and went in for a appointment and they wanted me to stay in & induce me. Couldn’t go home they felt was best I stayed in hosp till I had him. 34 hours later he arrived 💙💙 good luck with it all!!! It’s worth every second I promise x

I’m 39 weeks on Sunday with a baby on the 10th centile! They keep telling me if she drops be the 10th il be induced as they don’t like ‘small’ babies going over due! But an induction has to be authorised by a consultant. I would take bags in the car just in case! But also try to remember that growth scans are not 100% accurate! Xxx

I went for an appointment with my consultant yesterday due to baby being small. They have booked me in for an induction next Tuesday ( I will be 39+1) it is possible they could keep you in due to you already being past 39 weeks, that’s if the ward isn’t busy or they may ask you to come back tomorrow ect x

Thank you all so much for your kind words ❤️ roll on 2pm 😬😁

My first baby was 6lb 10oz at 40+6, classed to be on the 3rd centile also. I was never informed about this all the way through pregnancy or even afterwards... Until I fell pregnant again and it became a really big issue that has led to growth scans for my second baby. They're wanting to induce for absolutely no medical reason whatsoever, and my baby is showing at completely average weight of 8lb so I have declined. Do what you think is best. Small baby by no means means poorly baby! My little 6lb 10oz baby is now 17months, growing and thriving and was discharged from hospital 12 hours after birth x

same happened with my first! dropped to the 3rd centile at 39+2 but i had a sweep and was booked in for induction the next day. maybe that was just my hospital / areas protocol! thankfully i went into labour that night and had her 3 hours later lol. came out bang on 3rd percentile. the same is happening with this one but a lot sooner (baby is already measuring 7th centile at 35 weeks) but i live in a different area so it will be interesting to see what they suggest. keep us all updated lovely, and try not to worry too much. youre in good hands xx

I was told my baby was growth restricted and he came out at 37 weeks at 7 pounds 🤔 trust your gut and remember you don’t have to accept something you’re not comfortable with x

Update: appointment went really well and induction is booked in for tomorrow at 3pm! Time to get excited now 😁🥰

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