Bad unisom experience

So I finally gave in and took HALF a unisom and some b6 last night for the nausea. Quickly felt tired and tried to go to sleep as soon as my kids were out. But around 1am i was half awake with like restless legs and just tossing and turning😩 I couldn’t go back to sleep i woke up so tired in the morning. Has this happened to anyone else? Nausea started around 8 weeks and Im 11 weeks now hoping it gets better in a few more😕
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Around what time did you take it , you could try taking it later , I find staying up later I’m actually sleeping through the whole night

@Tannishia around 9 cause my kids go to sleep around 9:30. Really? Did the first dose help your nausea the next day?

At first super groggy

@Tannishia oh ok but it did help with your nausea?

when i first started taking it i felt like a zombie. it went away the more i took it

I had to stop taking unisom because it was making me overly tired and it lasted days after I stopped taking it.

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