Speech delayed?

Hi all, My 16month old only says a couple of words (mama, dada, yeah, sissy, keys and a couple more) I try really hard with her by using books and toys to get her talking but it just seems like she isn't picking it up? She also is very understanding of what I say or ask, just not able to speak more words. Is this worrying yet? When should I be concerned? Thanks
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Your little one says more than mine does ! He's still saying mama, dada, yaya, tata and uhoh lol But he does understand a heck of a lot and listens to directions ( just slow with processing, but that's normal development) I'm not worried at all, mind you my eldest (girl) was having full on conversations with me by this age. They all develop at their own pace x

12-18 months is the expectancy for single words and over 2 years before they can link words, plenty of time and no need to hurry them or you x

My girl only says mama and tatty (which means dad in Bulgarian) and I'm not worried because she understands a lot.

Mine only says yeah, bye, dada, and babbles a lot and health visitor said shes only 16m give her time x

Normal for that age.

Oh thank you so much everyone! This really makes me feel so much better! My eldest (now 13) spoke quite a bit at 16 months so was really panicking! Xx

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