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So, last night my little boy had his last feed at around 11pm before we managed to get him conked out. He normally wakes up at around 3am or 4am for the next feed. He woke up at 3:30am, not crying but I wake up as soon as he’s rustling around before he starts to cry, I didn’t want him to wake my partner up so for a quick distraction I put the dummy in his mouth (have done this before and it works for the time I prepare a bottle and come back). Came back and he was asleep? A little tossing but calm, I sat back down and thought he looks like he’s in active sleep now I don’t want to wake him up so I’ll wait for him to wake up. I fell asleep by mistake and woke up at half 6 this morning to him starting to wake up, again not crying but I could see his eyes were opening. Just want to know if I was a bad mum for not waking him up to feed at his usual time or not😞 he woke up happy! He’s well over birth weight, what I do as a little distraction the wrong thing to do? Just want some advice.
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when I gave birth to my first, my pediatrician actually recommended trying this in order to help them sleep through the night. babies will let you know if they need to eat and the fact that he was able to sleep again lets you know he’s okay. you’re not a bad mom! you might be getting some more sleep quite soon!

@Jamie okay thats good then, I was stressing that I was tricking him into eating and being fed! But if this is actually something to start doing in order to help sleep routine then I won’t feel bad about it if he does fall back asleep 😇

I've been told as soon as they reach 12lbs they don't technically need a feed in the night though lots like it for comfort so if you can get them to sleep without food you are winning! Mine like to go on the boob just for 5 mins then is fast asleep again

@Flo he got weighed the other day and is over 12lbs I think he was like 12lbs 3 or something! So I am definitely on the right track for a better nights kip by the sounds of it🥹

@Flo I don’t feel like this 12lb advice should be used for everyone. Some babies are born close to 12lb but still need 3-4hrly feeding overnight. If your baby is over birthweight @Riley and wakes regularly during the day and has lots of wet and dirty nappies then just embrace the longer night sleeps!

@Lottie i definitely am! He does plenty of nappies and was born at 7.15 and is 8 weeks old so i did know this time was coming but didn’t know how soon!

@Lottie I know just sharing what I'd been told, or little one still always wants food too just means I with less when he does sleep

If he was hungry he wouldn't have settled back to sleep

@Laurie maybe I’ve been going wrong in the night as I instantly go make a bottle and feed, I don’t always do the dummy trick! Only when my partner is on an early shift

@Riley I wouldn't say going wrong. It's all a learning process. Just because it happened once doesn't mean it will again. It's all trial and error, just see how it goes

We try the pacifier first. We can always tell if it’s hunger because she has a whiny cry. Good job!

Sounds like he wasn’t hungry and was just looking for comfort tbh. My little boy did this the other day. It was around 2-3am & he was making noise like he was hungry, he’d been spitting his dummy out each time I gave him it so I assumed he was hungry, sorted his bottle out & took it into his room, come back into ours & see he was asleep & silent, sat down for 5 minutes and he was content. I laid down, expecting to get up in a few minutes when he woke back up again & took the sleep I could until he woke back up & around 1.5 hours later he was rooting for a feed. Babies are crazy, especially when we think they want one thing & they’re satisfied with another! X

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