Baby all of a sudden fussy taking bottle

My lg is 22 weeks and has just started being fussy while taking her bottle. She will unlatch and cries or moves her head away then will take the bottle again for a few seconds then do it again but it is only when she is fully awake, I dream feed her at night and she takes the whole bottle with no problems. This happened between 6/8 weeks too and lasted around a month during which she was put on omeprazole for reflux and tried on cmpa formula but was taken back off it as it made no difference, I also changed her to mam bottles from tommee tippee which seemed to help. I’m more asking incase this is just another developmental stage and I can ride it out
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My girl is doing exactly the same ! She will take a hole bottle if she wakes up sleepy but , this morning she woke up and only drunk 3 oz she normally drinks 5 and then I made her another bottle an hour later and she drunk 2 from a 5 oz bottle but was coming and going from it

Hey my little girl is doing this too, I do think her teeth are potentially coming through

I'm so glad I'm not the only one haven this isue over last cupple weeks my son hasent been drinking much as he normally dose he normally has 6oz in the night and just befor bed he wil have 6oz but otther times it's probably around 2 or 6oz. He has been porly with a chest infection so I thought it was that but he's beta now and stil like it x

My son is 22weeks on sunday

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