I want to know if how I feel about this is how others feel

I'm 25 weeks 5 days and it feel like I just found out I'm pregnant not even a month ago when I found out about 4 weeks into my pregnancy idk if it's just cuase it's my 1st or if this is just how pregnancy goes by and feels like it goes by fast , I'm overwhelmed with knowing I'm 3 months away from meeting my little baby boy and wanting to meet him now more then just the little thumps back and forth with him
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I am not sure why you feel this way I guess you had an easy beginning to your pregnancy maybe? I am 25+4 now and I feel like time just crawled by sooooooo slowly and also feel like 3 months more is way tooo long I would like to skip to the end and just hold my little girl 🥰 I am a FTM as well. I guess it’s different for everyone

@Georgina thats why I'm asking to see how everyone feels about it cuase I didn't no I was pregnant till after having a fruity beer n it not tasting right so I took a test I had n didn't belive it and took 2 more before getting 2 lab test ones done ( I went to a place for a free one with free items for baby and the other one said they had to do their own and that's why 2 lab tests ) I'm ready to meet him since I was 10 weeks cuase the lower back pain from him was killing me till I was 15 weeks about and the people who I work with ask me how fair I am and I tell them and they look confused cuase my bump is so small but his is gunna be a big baby and his just being shy

Time definitely goes by pretty fast. I swear I just found out I’m pregnant but I already have a 5 month old. Haha! But you’ll be okay! Take deep breaths and take it day by day.

I guess for me has been a slow ride as I have high risk pregnancy and have been signed off work for quiet some time so time froze for me and I count down the days for every little mile stone 😅

@Louie I'm overly excited to meet him 🥹 I don't no what to expect as being a mom but I been told by my cousin to never have kids I'll be a bad mom but I took care of one of my cousins from 3ish months up to 7 months and she loved me then and I saw her the other day she's glued to me as a 6 year old and I'm confused cuase I haven't been there in her life since she was that young but I love it I love her but she gets jealous over her little siblings sitting next to me if im not in the middle of them 🥹 they all love me stopping by randomly just for a visit

@Georgina I'm also high risk

It seems to go by slow at first for me but now that I’m 34 weeks I can’t believe it’s been 30 weeks since I found out already and I’m nervous it’s getting so close but I can’t wait to have him

I found first trimester went so slowly but the 2nd is going a lot quicker. I'm 22+4 with my first.

@Katie I just feel like it's going by so fast and I feel like I'm missing out on thing during pregnancy but at the same time I'm not missing anything

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