My little one is starting nursery in September. I have always had an intense fear of being sick. All I can think about is all the illness he is going to bring home and how I’m going to cope. Also due another in November. Is anyone else the same and can tell me it’ll be ok? 😭 I’m ruining it for myself and it doesn’t help people keep saying how ill he is going to be to start with!
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I also have an intense fear of vomit. It’s awful. I do have to say though when you do have to deal with your little one being sick you will just go into survival mode and cope. We are on the tail end of a sickness bug and I never thought I’d deal so well with it…. Lots of support from your partner/other family members is key but I made it through. Xx

My son has had more than his fair share of coughs, colds and viruses from nursery, especially when he first started, but never once has he caught a sickness bug! So there’s no guarantees he’ll absolutely be sick!

When it's your little one you get on with it. I do have a fear of getting poorly myself though. Oliver started in Feb. He's had about 2 virus' , random sickness, ear infection and recently chicken pox. Depends on the child really on how easy they pick things up. Building their immune up. I know some Kids have been worse than Oliver. I give him daily vitamins, don't know if that's helping a bit Xx

Yeah tbh - it’s more catching it myself than him being ill! If I could guarantee I wasn’t going to get it I would have no problem with it. I think I just need to try and get it into perspective

Get a bottle of dettol spray and clean handles and things regularly. It helps xxx wash little ones hands etc

Mainly they bring home viruses, colds, fevers etc. my son has only ever been sick twice. And one of those times it’s because I gave him the bug!! Vomiting isn’t that common from our experience.

My daughter got sick sooooo many times from nursery, 90% of the time she vomitted was because she was coughing and she’s an easy vomit that way. I think in 2 years she only got D&V once from nursery. He’ll get ill for sure but vomit should be minimal

Controversial opinion but I feel that your child's development should be put before your own vomiting fear, sorry. Embrace the fact that you've been super lucky to have 3+ years off with them but nursery/ preschool is required in preparation for school. Remember a sickness bug could hit at any point during their school life and you will just have to get on with it despite your fear

@Emma it's a genuine fear, this lady can't help how she feels. She was asking for advice

@Ruth absolutely and I'm not dismissing that in the slightest but the other alternative is not sending your child to nursery incase they bring home a sickness bug, doesn't seem fair on the child because realistically they could get a sickness bug just from going to a local supermarket, it's unavoidable.

@Emma I have never said I’m not going to send him - I was asking how other people manage. I absolutely am sending him. And before you judge on my circumstances, I haven’t spent the last 3 years off with him. Me and my husband have worked really hard to make things work for us under difficult circumstances. Just because he hasn’t been to nursery, it doesn’t mean his development has suffered or we haven’t done other things.

@Emma she didn't even say she wasn't going to send him, just asking how we manage it. Ofcourse kids and ourselves are going to get sick. It is a genuine fear you can have though , whether you think its silly or not

@Ruth I appreciate it was never suggested that their little one wasn't going to be sent to nursery however that was the alternative whether that was being suggested or not to send or not to send are the only options. I never said its silly, we all have fears of different things in life, it's just how we deal with it that matters and ensuring that fear isn't then passed onto the child.

@Emma I get what you're saying, just sometimes it's out of our control no matter how hard we try to be positive with certain fears and brush them to one side. Unkess youre experiancing a certain fear yourself , its hard to understand x

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