Pelvic pains

I’ve been experiencing pelvic pains for the last few weeks (I’ll be 27 weeks Monday) and have found that any kind of exercise - walking, lifting literally anything heavy ect - causes the pain to be soooo much worse. I went to hospital and they said just to take paracetamol which numbs it but doesn’t take the pain away completely. Has anyone else had this? I cut some boxes up last night for my new bed which was exhausting and did a number of trips to the car and I couldn’t even get up out of bed last night because of the pain. Anyone else had this?
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Yes girl, with you. I've just purchased a big yoga ball which takes a lot of pressure off and do some light pilates stretches every day. Hope that helps x

It’s likely pelvic girdle pain. Ask your midwife for a referral to physio or look up some pelvic girdle pain exercises on YouTube. It’s because you have an increase in a hormone called relaxin in order for your pelvis to be more movable in labour. But at the same time this loosens everything off in your pelvis giving you the pain. I had the same from 24 weeks and once I gave birth it went away. Just one of the other joys of pregnancy I’m afraid.

Yep definitely sounds like PGP! Get yourself referred to a pelvic physio (your hospital usually has a department) xx

It can happen due the changes in ligaments around the pelvis and increased pressure- a good pelvic health physio or pregnancy chiropractor will be able to help! There are also many Yoga poses that can help relieve the pain, message me if you like

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