Kicks are still frequent but not so strong?

Morning all. I am 27.5 weeks pregnant and the last few weeks have felt consistent strong movements but for the past few days the kicks still have the same frequency but don’t feel as intense. Like they feel almost cushioned? I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this? I also wondered if it could be that my placenta (anterior) has moved up after being diagnosed with low lying at the 20 week? So grateful for any other experiences that people may be able to share.
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If you are concerned about changes in your baby’s movements or the pattern, please speak to your maternity unit

Hiya, I also have an anterior placenta and I'm 25 weeks. I've been having the same sort of thing where the kicks feel cushioned and not as strong as usual until this morning and now they feel really strong again, I did go to the hospital on Monday night as I was worried but was told everything is fine. I'm sure nothing is wrong but for peace of mind I'd call triage and just get checked over 💕

Mine have varied too but everything looks fine. But it's always worth calling and getting scanned if you're worried

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