36 weeks and can’t sleep …. Am I the only one going through this ? I wanna cry soo bad
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same here. every night gets harder and harder. i cry almost every night too to my bf saying idk how much longer i can be pregnant for 🥲

Nope I’m up too lol. I’m 35 weeks and can’t sleep anymore it’s annoying. I feel tired but can’t sleep. And I get irritated fast ugh.

Literally me rn 😕😕

Yes I’ve been irritable for days , this is most likely why . I wonder if they could give us anything for sleep ??

Same. I'll be 36 weeks on Sunday and it's a struggle. I can't get comfy, I'm too hot, need the toilet, think I've got a bit of restless leg too. And then my 3 year old wakes up stupidly early. Today I am exhausted but still trying to function

Yea , I still work to keep something to do most days , but I’ve been soooo exhausted due to no sleep.

This is me! I’ve been having to sleep straight up with body pillows because my pregnancy pillow honestly made it worse😭 By the time I actually fall asleep it’s usually 4-5am and I wake up at 7am every morning 🥲

Same. I toss and turn some nights.

@Cadence i tried t9 sleep straight up using my giant teddy bear but that didn’t work either , i gts around 6-7 n up by 10

My baby was doing karate or something ALLLLL night. Between that and being in pain so I’m tossing and turning, I barely slept. Then my toddler got up at 4:45am when my husband left for work so I spent 45 minutes getting him down, then of course reflux woke me up when I finally dozed back off 😂 I’m not going to survive this one

37+1 weeks today and I’m averaging about 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night. I don’t ever think I’ve been so tired.

@Alexis tell me about it this is insane

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