Limiting Screentime for You?!

Has anyone thought about this? I’m a firm believer that phones are necessary for us, for multiple reasons. But.. I’m also a firm believer that they are bad for us too. Last night I decided to set myself limits on my phone. I set up “downtime” to come on in the evenings and for when I wake etc. But now I’m also considering setting specific limits for each app (social media and other apps I can get lost scrolling on). I’m not saying I spend too much time on my phone, cause I don’t, but I would still like to decrease the time I am on it even further. Just wondering if anyone else has done or thought about this?
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I did this recently with my social media apps as I will put my little girl down for a nap and get nothing done and just sit on my phone!! I've gradually reduced it week by week so I'm using them much less now and being much more productive 🥰

@Kirsten I’ve been trying to make myself more self aware, and over the last week (according to my phone) I’ve decreased my screentime by 23% on average. But I still don’t like the amount of time I spend on my phone regardless.

Yes I have! I agree phones are necessary, but a lot of the things we use them for now aren’t & I feel we’re very reliable on everything & the screen are also harmful for us too. And if you have a job where you’re looking at a screen & then spending a lot of time on your phone too, it can have a lot of harmful affects. Everytime I had down time I’d be scrolling on my phone. So a few months ago I set myself 2hr a day max on my phone. I don’t go on it within an hour of waking up or an hour of bed anymore. And when he has a nap now I take that time to do some yoga, another workout, tidy up etc. I genuinely do feel better. Before this my screen time was averaging 5-6 hours a day! I think that’s crazy. Half the time now it’s around 1hr 30. I also didn’t really want him growing up seeing me on my phone. I don’t allow him to watch screens and will limit it even when he’s a bit older, so it’s not really right for me to be on it when he’s around x

@Amelia I always have the tv on, but usually it’s on for music or radio. Sometimes I have the tv on for the radio, but I turn the actually screen off, so it’s just blank 😂 I could never do that for The Wiggles coming on though. Sometimes watching them, and joining in, is my workout for the day!! 😂

Now that you've posted this, I've gone on my phone to check my screen time. Last couple of days has been 8hrs!! 😱 I really don't want my son growing up seeing us glued to screens. I always tell my hubby off for having his phone out at mealtimes. Think I need to reduce my screen time too! Horrified at that! I keep complaining i have so much to do in the house and hardly any time to do it so hopefully this will make me more productive!

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