Cannot feel my bladder getting full?

I gave birth on the 06th and i did have to have a catheter fitted but since being home I cannot actually feel my bladder filling up? I’m going for wee every few hours because I should but I don’t actually need to go. Any one else experience this?
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I am experiencing the same thing!! I gave birth on the 5th and everything is still very swollen down there so I’m going to see if it improves over the next week or so. I am not having trouble like holding the wee it’s more that I don’t realise I’m desperate until my bladder is really full!

I had my baby on 28th June and this has happened to me too. My midwife has said I need to retrain my body to know when I need a wee. To make sure I go to the toilet every 2 hours or so to retrain as it can take months annoyingly

Ok thanks least I know it’s not just me :) thanks ladies x

This is normal temporarily. My midwife recommended going to the bathroom right before each feed. The feeling should come back soon but I think the way things stretch and moved for pregnancy and birth play a roll and we just have to give out bodies time to adjust a bit back to how things were.

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