High HCG level?

I just took a blood test today at 4.5 weeks and my HCG was 1315. This seems high but I’m not sure. Dr google says it could mean twins? Am I overthinking? Thanks?😊
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Congrats!!! Oh wow! That is really high. It sounds like you may have twins, maybe triplets 🙂🙂

Thanks! 😮 lol 😂

At 4.5 I was at the 1945! I don’t think it’s super high since we could be dating a few days later than we think!

That is a normal number for how far along you are, just dating you closer to 5 weeks!

Ok thanks everyone!! That’s really helpful!

I did mine at 4.5 and was at 4,563 and my dr said it was within the normal window 😊

Mine was 270 at 4 weeks 1 day and yesterday it was 2316 for 4 weeks 5 days.

Just got my results back from 48 hour HCG blood test and the numbers doubled! We miscarried around this time last time I was pregnant so I’m very relieved!

Hope it's twins for both of us 🤞

Mine was over 66,000 at 5w6d, I don't think yours is super high and could just mean your implantation went smooth and started producing hcg sooner than the average person

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