Im so dishearted by weaning with my LO its making me wish these precious days away to fast forward to the point he is eating(currently 8.5months)... it feel like its always a struggle hardly any food gets eaten i cant see the light at the end of this tunnel.. words of encouragement please (no food before 1 statements.. i get that but not in 100% agreement withit)
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Weaning can be such hard work until it finally clicks! What are you doing meal wise? If doing 3 maybe drop one and focus on breakfast and dinner for example and see if that helps build appetite and take some of the pressure off you. What sort of things are you offering? The turning of the corner for us was about 10 months, suddenly went from struggling with most textures to accepting almost anything. Some take more time, some less, they do get there in the end

Weaning is stressful, my little boy is 15 months & some days he’s just not bothered. I found until he dropped his formula & went to cows milk at 1 he just wasn’t bothered. You could try offering food before milk (I know that goes against advice) but then like you say about the ‘no food statement’ the milk is more important. We found sitting down at the same time & just giving some finger food (cooked carrots/broccoli etc) worked well at dinner. Those weaning groups made me so stressed that there were babies his age eating a whole plate of food ‘apparently’….you are doing amazing & he’ll do it when he’s ready :)

Do you do both blw and purees? Try both if not. My son is a great eater but was referring blw until 8 months.

I don’t think my son started eating properly until 11-12 months and he’s still pretty fussy. He went to a childminder at 11 months so maybe that helped him. It’s so frustrating I feel your pain, it will click in time

I personally found weaning very stressful especially with all the mess. They all get there eventually though, it's a really short phase luckily.

Unfortunately no advice here but we’re in exactly the same position with an 8m old, and I’ve considered writing this exact post myself many times!! We were on 3 solid meals a day (plus bottles) but I’ve dropped solid lunch and found that’s helped a little. She’s also really leaning more towards finger foods or feeding herself though not particularly successfully, so having more milk than thought we would be. It’s frustrating, especially trying to compare to other “good” eaters, but hoping at some point it’ll just click so just letting her enjoy exploring food for the time being!

Please don’t get discouraged by it, it will come right as they get older, try giving bits of purées and off him it as finger foods

Every since I took hypnobirthing I have used the same principles ( positive associations) in my day to day life. Specially with my babies! That's the reason kiddos as younge as 8 months old can sit and share meal time with older peers in daycare without a fuzz. At home make it a normal routine. Play same song before meal time ( tidy up for example, so you easy the transition from playing to time to seat and eat), then sit next to baby and you eat too ad opposed to seat in front of baby and watching/feed . Let him lead the way and you imitate with your own spoon. Do not stress because , we all know , this period is about tasting and discovering, you can also model feeding the teddy bear and practicing other skills/vocabulary ( one for youone for bear, one for me etc) . It's all about routines , same thing every day and consistency.

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