How do you all deal with it?

My 13 month old loves to pull my hair. I mean, literally pull it on purpose and laugh when I say no pulling or if I say that hurts. She just will not stop. Woke up to her pulling my hair. Well be sitting down together she'll pull it. Also the smacking in the face. Another thing she enjoys doing to me. Only to me. She doesn't do it to her dad or anyone else.
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Just here to say you aren’t alone! My daughter is also 13 months and loves to beat up on me. Yes she’s a baby but she doesn’t do it to anyone else just me😩 hope someone has some tips to share for the both of us

My daughter has been intentionally pulling my hair, hitting me, and stepping on my face for months now and either laughs when I tell her no or fake cries like I'm being so mean to her. 😂 She definitely does it worse to me than anyone else but she does hit other people. It's extremely normal for this age and the best thing to to is be constant with telling them we don't hit and redirecting them to soemthing else which can be very difficult but it's all you can really do.

Just... Roll with it. Me, a few nights ago Child * collides with face* Me , quick thinking " You know who else likes faces? Face hugger ! " *Imitates facehugger*

I also like to say ouch if he's pulled my hair or something else painful

My hair is literally always pulled back in some way because my son will pull it if it’s down

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