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Hey anyone else finding going to the toilet uncomfortable even just for a wee I can’t explain the feeling it’s just like a tight feeling kind of whenever I go anyone else ??
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No, sorry! Could it be a UTI?

Is it kind of like a pressure? I think it could be that our pelvic floor is working overtime to support our growing uterus.

I’m the same and don’t have a UTI I just put it down to the pressure x

@Tamsin I don’t think so I’ve had one before so I’m able to tell the different it’s like a tight pressure kinda feeling

@Mel yes so am I I just wanted to check it’s nothing much to worry about

Yep, I’m 21 weeks and feel pressure down there when I go to the toilet, can be quite uncomfortable and feels similar to when you hold in a wee for ages - not sure if that explains your feeling lol x

@Sophie yes exactly the same glad I’m not the only reassurance isn’t it x

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