Not grabbing things

My little girl is 3 months today & she’s not reaching out to grab anything if I put something in her hand she holds it for bit but cannot put think up to her mouth while still holding them and doesn’t reach for things doesn’t play with toys when she’s on tummy she hates tummy time 🤣 is all of this normal or should she be doing all these things?😩😩💗
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Don’t worry mama, mines the same 🥲 he just lays there HAHA tummy time he just keeps his head up (which is great) but he doesn’t grab much things either.. but I have faith he will soon, just gotta keep trying 🥹

That’s a 4 month milestone FYI and they are 4 months old for a whole month. It’s what my HV reminded me of when I stressed about getting my girl to sit better and hit her rolling milestones. My girl was born March 27th. They hate tummy time until around 4 months. At 4 months most babies will suddenly love tummy time 🤦🏼‍♀️😅 my girl only just started reaching for things and at 3.5 months is starting to reach with intention when toys are placed in front of her. Keep at the tracking and get a locker mirror (the non breakable ones) and use that too. They don’t need to hit milestones early and they just need to hit them around the end of that months age

I’m pretty sure they are 4 month milestone:) she has time

my daughter is 3mo and just today she discovered her hand😂 no worries they'll get there. Just make it fun

My baby will be 3 months on Saturday and she’s the same way! I don’t think she’s even noticed her hands yet, she just keeps them in her mouth 😮‍💨 but I do the same as you, having my LO touch toys too!

My girl is also 3 months today and she isn't either 💜 don't worry some progress faster and slower than others

Hates tummy time! Started to grab last week.

My little girl isn’t holding things yet either. She’s quite happy to have her hand in her mouth or on the side of her head (think she’s realised she has a head!😂)

Men turns 4mo next week and she holds things when I give them to her. Just this week she’s started trying to put them in her mouth but loves her hand in her mouth.

Mine is the same, he's quite happy hit out at toys with his little Clenched fists 🤣

Just keep doing what you're doing and she will learn soon. Mine also hates tummy time. I usually put her on my chest and put a toy on my head, she lifts her head that way and if I put a toy in her hand she'll put it in her mouth. But she's literally just started doing that and she is 14w so I wouldn't worry too much.

Oh is this what they meant to be doing??? My baby girl also doesn’t grab things she just stares at her hands for ages and drops anything I put in her hand.

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