Sleeping bad?

My 2.5 month old baby, about a 4-5 days ago started to be a light sleeper, she went from waking up twice per night to waking up every hours. Not because she hungry but she just wakes up and makes a little cry and moves her hand around/arms and then settles back down. Sometimes no cry even just moves around. Is there a problem with that or idk why it’s happening. Anyone has something similar happen?
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Around 7-9 weeks babies go through their first sleep regression due to the melatonin stores that they have from mom being depleted and they have to start making their own which can take a week or so. My lo is currently going through it at 7.5 weeks, and on top of that is going through a growth spurt and feeding a lot more as well. :') If you're breastfeeding it's def a good idea to pump right before bedtime cause that's when your milk will have more melatonin and less cortisol so it helps baby stay asleep longer and better, especially during restless nights!

@Bex thanks, no she’s bottle feed. It’s so odd:( she was doing so good and now she’s fighting sleep. She moves her arms and like having a little tantrum and goes back to sleep. Not hungry or anything, and that’s happens every hours or so.

Could be active sleep! My little one does this, and unfortunately, if I'm not holding him, he'll wake himself up.

She was so good before and now it feels like something is bothering her and idk what to do to help

I just got it confirmed by her doctor my baby is already teething so once I found that out and got stuff for her she has not been as fussy and sleeping longer

@Kendalh how old is she? And what things helped?

You need a swaddle her it will help her sleep longer trust me I had the same problem and this saved me

@Jenny I do, I use the halo swaddle.

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