First name to go with middle name Mabel

If baby is a girl, we'd really like to honour my mom with the name Mabel (similar meaning to her first name). Our naming style is a mixture of vintage names and with a little modern touch e.g. Amelie, Etta, Elodie. Has anyone got any suggestions? Thank you 🤍👶
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Audrey Mabel Darcy Mabel Olive Mabel Frances Mabel 🩷

both Amelie Mabel and Etta Mabel are beautiful! 💕 Ida Mabel Effie Mabel Pippa Mabel Ottilie Mabel Dulcie Mabel Tessa Mabel Birdie Mabel Lydia Mabel Josie Mabel Trixie Mabel Leona Mabel Evelina Mabel Adeline Mabel Harriet/Hattie Mabel Genevieve Mabel Rowena Mabel Frances Mabel Phoebe Mabel Helena Mabel Bonnie Mabel Felicity Mabel Tabitha Mabel Cecilia Mabel Flossie Mabel Delilah Mabel Hettie Mabel Verity Mabel Nancy Mabel Lottie Mabel Clara Mabel Betsy Mabel Lorna Mabel Greta Mabel Ruby Mabel Willa Mabel Tilda Mabel Anya Mabel Veda Mabel Polly Mabel Clea Mabel Nina Mabel Edie Mabel Thea Mabel Elsie Mabel Posy Mabel Ada Mabel 💕

I like your name options, especially Etta! Sylvie Mabel Pippa Mabel Hattie Mabel Dottie Mabel Birdie Mabel Autumn Mabel Hadley Mabel Leona Mabel Willow Mabel Rosie Mabel Thea Mabel Lola Mabel Claudia Mabel Willa Mabel Flora Mabel Colette Mabel Lenna Mabel Esti/Estee Mabel Tilly/Tillie Mabel Effie Mabel Juniper Mabel Goldie Mabel Stevie Mabel Margot Mabel Linden Mabel Wendy Mabel Winnie Mabel Mattie Mabel

Odette Mabel Verity Mabel Loretta Mabel Rosanna Mabel Willow Mabel Daisy Mabel Ida Mabel Thea Mabel Noa Mabel

Elnora Mabel Jessamy Mabel Adalyn Mabel Felicity Mabel Esme Mabel Bianca Mabel Albany Mabel

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