Baby weaning

We are starting weaning soon. What things do I need in readiness? Is a baby steamer/blender essential or can I do it myself?
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Not at all! Please don't go buying a baby blender for £20+ I got a hand blender from my local supermarket for £5, a large 2ltr plastic jug for £1 and a couple of silicone ice cube trays for a few quid. Batch cook veggies, blend them down, freeze them and you got purees ready to go in the freezer. Us those baby blenders only allow for very small amounts of food, you'll find you'll be cooking/prepping more often

I already had a big blender and food processor so didn't buy anything specific for that, I then just got a cheap steamer basket for in my saucepan on Amazon and its done the job really well for me. I hadn't really steamed veg before and I'm preferring it to my usual boiled

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