Badger notes?

Im consultant led and been told all my notes from my appointments will be added to badger notes. However I can’t seem to find anything on there? Anyone else worked out how to use the app? As it seems so useless!
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The appointments show up in the week to week section. If you scroll down to the correct week they should appear. Normally 12 week scan, then 16 weeks midwife appointment, 20 weeks etc Not sure when consultant appointments are though x

I’m also consultant led and can’t seem to find very much. I can click on the 12 week appointment and see my blood results with some details but that’s pretty much it.

Are you sure actual appointments have been booked? I was consultant led in my first pregnancy but I only actually saw the consultant twice x maybe future appointments won’t be on there yet?

I have badger too and the appointments can’t be seen. Only way I can keep track if I put them in myself based on the referral letters

I have BadgerNotes to. I’m consultant lead to because I’m having twins, but the app does seem pretty useless sometimes

The best way to get informed about the appointments are to have a referral letter, have an account with My Patients Knows Best and call the antenatal care that you are signed up with.

Thanks all. Sorry I didn’t make myself clear at all (baby brain) but I’m not after the appointments I’m after the feedback from the appointments I’ve already had. My consultant said the whole appointment would be documented in their so I didn’t have to remember all the details of what we spoke about. All I can see is the appointment time and a few minor details. 😭

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