Calpol before jabs??

Forgot to ask my HV. My LO is 8 weeks has his first jabs today does he have calpol before or after ?
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My LG had hers on Tuesday i literally gave her calpol straight after, once we got out the doctors room, and she was fine all day i gave her one more dose 6 hours later as she was asleep so couldn’t give it it her 4 hours later

I gave it 30 mins before and then around 4.5 hrs later as he had a temperature he then didn’t need any other doses as he was fine.


I gave mine it half hour before the appointment which was fine. The nurse said before or straight after was fine either way

I was told straight after incase the doctors were delayed

I was told to do it straight after rather than before. She had her jabs at 10.00 yesterday and had 3 doses throughout the day and she was fine. A bit grumpy at one point in the afternoon but then she was normal x

I was told after them incase they have a temp on that day and it’s missed before their jabs x

My son had his on Monday, the nurse told us to give it to him straight after we got home.

My son had his today. Nurse told me to give straight after appt and make sure he gets all 3 dose’s regardless of temp as it’s a precautionary thing

Straight after whilst your still at doctors x

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