Morning routine when back to work

I go back to work at the end of August and I am already stressing at how I am going to get both me and my little girl up and ready to get to nursery and then to work on time. Is this difficult? Obviously a bottle and breakfast takes up a large chunk of the time. Do you have time for breakfast and coffee yourself too? I can't function without either! What does your typical morning for work with a baby look like and times? Thank you x
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Can she have breakfast at nursery? That saves us a lot of time. If you have a partner then I would suggest getting him to help. Our morning looks like this: 6am up and walk dog (me) 6:15am partner up and does a chore (empties dishwasher, laundry on line etc.), makes his lunch. 6:40 I get back and make baby's lunch, my lunch 6:50 partner gets baby up and sometimes gives a bottle if baby asks for it. 7:00am I leave for work 7:15 am they leave for nursery/work (starts at 7:30 and has breakfast at 8)

Following because … same. Have a dog to walk also and LO wakes anything between half 5 and half 6 but everyday is different . I know it will be fine and do-able but will miss these slow mornings x

Little different for me as I don’t work, but he does go to nursery 2 days a week, and I haven’t really struggled tbh. I wake up around 6.30 and have a coffee, some toast, and quickly get ready. He wakes up around 7. We go downstairs, he plays for around 10-15 mins then has a bottle. Get him dressed and we leave around 8/8.10. He gets to nursery just before 8.30 and has breakfast there x

Set your alarm 15-30 minutes earlier than you would plan to. If you plan to give yourself more time, you can judge from there what time you actually need. My daughter (3.5 years) is in preschool for 8am. I get up at 6am and get my boy (10 months) his milk ready. I then get him out of bed at 6:15am and bring him down for his milk. At 6:30am I then go and get myself ready, and I’ll open my daughter bedroom door and curtains - she’ll then wake on her own. 6:45am I get her clothes out for her, and she’ll get herself dressed while I get clothes out for my boy. 7am We are all downstairs, I’ll get my boy dressed for the day while my daughter will have a biscuit usually. 7:15am I will do my daughter hair - then whenever I’m finished, it’s toilet trip, shoes, coats and out the door for 7:45am. Nothing is ever rushed at all.

I am dreading it….. I do already have 2 older children that I get up and get ready and drop off to school… we have to leave at 8, I take the dog in the car on the school run and then walk her around the park with the baby.. (10 months old too) but bloody dreading going back to work. Having to look presentable going into the office is what I’m dreading the most…. I just don’t have time for that in the mornings 😭🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s gonna be madness, walking the dog early, getting myself ready then dropping 3 children off at 3 different places before heading to work… Thankfully I fast and don’t eat until midday so it’s one less thing to think about - overnight oats those a days I think x

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