No water help!

Our cold tap isn’t working so I’m waiting for someone to fix it, but how should I make my babies feed? Can I use boiled bottled water? I have no one to stay in the house while they come as it’s just me and my baby! Any advice would be appreciated Thank you x
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Boil bottled water but you need to use one low in sodium. The most popular to use with babies in the UK is Evian x

Either bottled water if you have it, or can you knock for neighbour to fill up a big bottle for you?

@Yasmin thank you!

@Aimee my neighbours are having the same issue unfortunately x

Boil water in kettle and leave to cool down or buy some bottled water from shop

If its a water outage from the water company, call them and tell them that you have a little one. They should provide you with tap grade water, bottled water from the shop is of a lower quality (sodium, metals etc) and would only use it if you really need to

I’d say bottled water. Par boil a load to cool down and hot shot with fresh boiled water! 🤍

Buy ready made formula for the day x

Is there anyone local on here that could fill up a big bottle for you? Any family/friends local?

I’d go knock next door and ask them to fill the kettle, if it’s a water issue in your area then your local waterboard should drop water off

Thanks everyone, she’s on prescription formula so I can’t buy pre mades annoyingly 🙃 turned out someone switched off my water supply by accident! X

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