Anyone had any luck moving away from feed to sleep? Bottle fed

Feed to sleep was great initially...but now at 8 months where I have been getting 2-3 hour stretches max EVERY night...I don't even know how I'm still functioning 🫠🫠 we ditched the dummy which helped a bit with false starts but waking ever 2 hours needing to feed back to sleep...I'm struggling now😴
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I read somewhere that you can start by moving it earlier in the bedtime routine slowly so the first few nights just do the feed then put the sleeping bag on, the next few nights do the feed, then story, then sleeping bag etc etc until eventually it’s not associated with sleep anymore. Do it for the bedtime routine first then night time feeds and naps will follow

We have started giving LO porridge or weetabix at around 5:30pm made with formula (as he’s starting to push bottles away). Then we put him down for bed at 7pm ish and he goes straight to sleep. He used to have a full bottle up in his nursery and fall asleep in his bottle. Found solids has changed that. Ps we are on 3 meals a day as his milk intake dropped / refusing bottle so this no bottle at bedtime naturally happened for us. If he has less than 18oz in a day, we give him baby multi vitamins x

@Becci thank you I'll give this a go x

@Gemma ah thank you, she already has 3 meals a day, 5.30 she has her dinner and some fruit or yoghurt usually. I could feed her a full bottle 15 minutes before putting her to bed but when I take her into the bedroom she still needs that little feed/sucking motion to fall asleep, that's our issue, it's not hunger xx

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