Baby coming soon

I have my last appointment with my doctor on the 16th and then I’m being scheduled to be induced. I’m so scared this is my first kid. Idk how to feel
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Induction is hard, but it doesn't have to be scary. I just did mine and both baby boy and I are healthy. What are you scared about?

@Kate I’m just scared of the unknown and I’m also not very good at regulating pains and breathing , also being on drugs and how I might react to them, but knowing I need them at the same time. I just have a lot of anxiety is all

I was really nervous too but everything went well. My little guy came without any issues. I think I was anxious the whole time and once he was out I was so relieved. You got this

@Kaylie I get that. I'd talk to your nurses once you get there. They'll tell you what the possible reactions to the meds are. My hospital gave me a hand out before we got started with all the likely medications, the reasons they use them and the likely side effects. It was helpful to see of early and have an idea what could come up. I didn't have any reaction to the epidural, except possibly nausea, but it had also been 10 hours since I'd last eaten when I started having nausea so I'm not totally sure which it was. Just know whatever happens they've seen it before and will know how to help. You've got this

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