High dose of folic acid

Had my first midwife chat yesterday & I’ve got to go on a high dose of folic acid I’d because of my weight! I’m so upset about it, I haven’t lost my baby weight from my first pregnancy and this one wasn’t planned Has anyone else been on it, and was everything okay, my BMI is literally only just over it’s 31 and 30 is the marker. I’m worried not that everything going to be so much harder because I’m bigger. Any advise or help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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Im not pregnant but im on high dose of folic acid (5mg) for folate deficiency. I have two friends that are pregnant also on it for high bmi, I think it’s only for the first 12 weeks and as a precautionary measure.

Hey, I had to take the higher dose throughout my pregnancy as my bmi was 31 also. Just be sure to take the folic acid along with any suggested pregnancy supplements and you’ll be absolutely fine.

I was on it for both of my pregnancy and it just keep you and baba healthy in pregnancy I miscarriage on my first because my old doctors practice refused to give it to me

I got pregnant when my baby was 5 months, my bmi was just over and I didnt have to take a higher dose xx

I was on it with a bmi of 33, but there was a history of spina bifida in my family. My boy is happy, heathy and perfectly average for height and weight etc. My healing was great although postpartum hormone shifts have kicked my arse but that’s not folic acid related 😆

From googling 😅 it says to take it as soon as possible, but I’m 9 wks already, I feel like these first few weeks are always the most stressful aren’t they! Xxx

Thank you for all your messages xx

My bmi at 12 weeks when they weighed me was 30.8 so I was also on high dose folic acid. I weighed 84kg before pregnancy but mainly in my hips and boobs and so far I’ve found pregnancy agrees with me. I’m now 28 weeks :)

I had such an easy pregnancy first time around and it’s been easy again this time if anything easier even with the added addition of a toddler 🫠 I shouldn’t have googled things yesterday. Xxx

I was taking higher dosage of folic acid and I'm now taking aspirin to prevent preeclampsia because my bmi but baby is doing fine so I wouldn't worry

I had high dose folic acid as my bmi was 35 when I was pregnant with my son and stopped at 12 weeks following doctors advice! Better safe than sorry xx

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was put on aspirin from 12 weeks onwards my BMI was 36 and I had a textbook pregnancy, it’s more precautionary than anything

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