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So I just did my one hour glucose test today and failed miserably my sugar was at 172 for the results. I know this isn’t the only test I’m go to have to take for gestational diabetes and it doesn’t for sure mean I have it till I take the second test but I can’t help but feel like I did something wrong… anyone else deal with this
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I also had elevated levels at my one hour test (very similar to yours, I think mine was 168). I had to go back for the 3 hour fasted test and was super anxious about it, but my results were great for that one! I talked to at least 3 other women who had failed the 1 hour but passed the 3 hour. Don’t worry too much! You’ll likely be ok, and even if not, it’s good for them to catch it (and totally not your fault!) and start working on treatment options. You’ve got this! 💪

@Denise Cruise it just sucks because I’ve barely been able to eat and keep food down and this is my first pregnancy. So I know if I do have it that I’m going to have to modify my eating and there isn’t much I can modify. Ugh.

I have my test in the moring what can I expect from it ? Like how the drink is

You can opt out of that nasty drink and just manually test for 2 weeks via finger poke. I do not ingest that drink. I check my levels myself, 4th baby, and my last. that drink is so horrible for you . Realistically, a lot of women are going to fail it. You wouldn't normally consume the amount of crap they make you take in a 5 minute window, so naturally, you'd fail

@Hanna Creger how big is the drink ?

@Rhiannon depends on the state and or office most are 10oz and you have 5 minutes to drink it

@Hanna Creger I'm in Texas n I'm not sure what to expect since it's my 1st

@Rhiannon you can opt out and just do manual glucose testing 3 times a day for 2 weeks. The drink is terrible for you, and even states on the label not recommended for pregnant women. I've opted out with all 4 of my kids, and they are fine I do the test myself end of the 2 weeks I take my log to my dr they look at all the numbers ive never had an issue.

I have gestational diabetes I failed my 1 hour test so badly I didn't take 3 hour test my 1 hour test was 258 I Am Naturally in solar system so we knew there was a very good chance I was Finding up with gestational diabetes so I found out at 16 weeks because of being insulin resistant I already had a very low carb diet I have actually had to increase my carb intake and I am taking insulin to compensate for that you may not have to modify your diet as the specialist who is making sure my sugars are taken care of said sometimes you just need more soldiers on the ground so you take insulin that's okay you didn't do anything wrong don't worry about it even if you do fail the 3-hour test don't worry about it it's going to be okay

I never got one and I'm 26 weeks. Is that normal?

@Patrice doctors give them between 24-28 weeks. Are you scheduled for one? Mine isn’t until 28.

No I have not been scheduled for one. Next apt is when I'm 28 weeks

@Patrice when I scheduled my appointment they did tell me that’s what I was going to be doing I assume it’s because you don’t have to fast for the first test

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