How much breast milk to stash?

What do you think a decent stash for the freezer is? I’ve been on a feed, bottle, pump regime but moving more to EB now as baby is gaining weight. While I’m still pumping and getting a lot out, I want to create a decent supply of frozen milk for the future, so that I don’t have to be around for every feed etc. Any idea what this might look like? What have other people done?
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I have around 6x pouches 120ml in the freezer, no idea what a good stash looks like, I'm EBF so don't think I need a huge amount as I don't have many occasions that it will be required before he's 6mnths x

I froze any extra milk I had because I was always worried about not producing enough to feed my son. I think I stashed around 50-60oz so that I’d have enough to fill a few bottles for daycare, if I didn’t pump enough for a full feed, or if I happened to be away from my son. I’ve used multiple bags and replenished it when I could and it’s been more than enough.

Thanks, getting the sense that the 2,700 ml I’ve got in the freezer might be enough then…

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