Pregnant after twins

Hi all, looking for some advice please. Just found out I’m pregnant and have 16 month old twin boys. It’s a huge surprise as the twins were IVF and I was on the pill. My husband is incredibly sad that this has happened, and although he said he’ll support my decision to have the baby he is clear that it’s not what he wants and I am very worried about the long term consequences for our relationship. The twins would be two years old when the baby arrives and I’m totally overwhelmed as to how we would manage (especially without family nearby). Any help, shared experiences, advice etc very welcome. Thanks so much ❤️
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I am currently pregnant with twins and have a 6 months old and a 2 year old I’m so shocked. I cry some days but I know I’d cry more if I made the decision to not continue my pregnancy I know I can do this ❤️ By 2 they do a lot independently and you can focus on baby abit more!

I had three under two, and it's not as bad as it sounds, the twins were second by the way, so more of a handful. I have survived and honestly they are all good at playing together and it has meant I have had a bit more time to myself than I had before with just my son.

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