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My baby was born a few weeks ago and my partner and I both feel ready to start having sex again. But I can’t figure out the “logistics” of it. Our baby sleeps in our bed, so obviously we don’t want to do anything with him in there. Also he feeds every 2-3 hours, so I’m on 5ish hrs of sleep a night and he’s on 6ish and trying to sleep whenever he does in the evening which is around 11-5 (with wake ups between). Help! Are we ever going to have sex again?
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We are the same!! We both want to have sex but can’t work out the timing 🤷🏻‍♀️ we can’t even get to eat a meal together because our baby likes to be held!

I'm not quite there yet recovery wise but was wondering this same thing! Baby basically won't be put down and I'm starting to get worried we'll never have sex again 😂

Don’t sleep with the baby in the bed for a start, that’sa massive no no. Get a co-sleep crib that you can have at the side of you. Then go ham on each other.

You can do it when baby naps during the day or once asleep at night or before baby gets up, just go into a different room.

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