Thinking of having a epidural when I have baby

Does anyone know if you feel pain when pushing I’ve never had a epidural in any of my other pregnancy’s
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I had a epidural with my first and it never worked that well for me because I felt the contractions pains, I had to keep calling nurses in to fix the epidural machine etc... didn't have a good experience with it but everyone is different

@Saleema 🩷💙 I’ll bare that in mind I had one last year when I had a abcess they couldn’t put me to sleep because I had piercings and wouldn’t be able to put them back in and didn’t feel nothing until I was taken back to the ward I tried getting out of bed to walk and I fell but the surgeon did say it would ware off while I was in recovery but it obviously took longer

I had an epidural with my first and didn't feel a thing, from the moment it went in until after the birth. There is a button you can press every 20 / 30 minutes to keep topped up.. I've heard talk of a walking epidural which I might look into for this pregnancy as an option x

I had it and honestly didn’t feel a thing it was great- prior to that awful. If this isn’t your first baby I would say as labour can be quicker there may be a chance you won’t get it in time so don’t plan your whole birth plan around it as you don’t want to be disappointed if it’s not an option for you x

I had an epidural with my first as I was exhausted with being in labour for two days… it was good in the way you don’t feel anything but you don’t feel anything… You need help to move, a catheter placed, not being able to reach for baby after, I hated every second of it! I’d never have another one again by choice… I’d rather the pain. Again it’s personal choice

I had it with my first and yes you don’t feel the pain but it meant I didn’t feel anything and wasn’t able to push baby out. I had to have forceps then was left with this awful headache that was constant for a whole week. They had to give me another epidural to reverse the effects and I had to lie still for 24 hours. I don’t want it again if I can avoid.

I never felt any pain when pushing, just pressure 😊

@Ellie last time I had a epidural was when I had surgery last year to remove a abcess on my groin because the surgeons wanted to put me to sleep but because of my piercings and wouldn’t be able to put them back in they decided to give me a epidural and it felt like my whole spine was being cracked

@Linda that’s unlucky, I found mine really bareable

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