How to stop vaping when pregnant

Dont judge me please i just found out in pregnant (4 weeks) and i know i need to quit but omg is it hard please any advice or help would be amazing
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Ice, mints, and gum. Caffeine as well but that need to be limited. BUT do not quit cold turkey, it can cause more harm than good, it can put you and baby into shock. Slow and steady wins the race. They also have these essential oil vapes, and fake metal vape things that hang around your neck, kinda looks like a little pole

You can buy non nicotine vape oil it’s like more for taste… but as Bella said don’t quit cold turkey

All of these are great options thank you all

My sister went through this. She tried a bunch of things but what worked best for her was going to a 2.5% vape for a couple weeks then switching to a 0% vape. She swears by the MrFog no nicotine vape. Uh nasty tropic I believe she called it. Then a few weeks after she switched to 0% she got an anxiety breathing necklace to use when she felt the need to vape. So first it was quitting the nicotine and then breaking the habit. Good luck!!

I quit cold turkey and it was impossible. Ended up picking up a new one and the guilt just about wrecked me. My best advice is to not keep it on you. Leave it home when you go out, leave it upstairs when you’re doing things around the house. I gave mine to my partner so I’d have to ask for it, and then when it died it was much easier for me to be done with it.

Okay so I counted how many hits I was having and it really helped me slow down and stop for quite some time before inevitably picking it back up. I am 4m pp and quitting again today actually. Going to have a few hits but my e cig is about to die and when it does that's going to be it. Believe in yourself.

Totally agree with @Margaret as well. Outta site, outta mind. If mine isn't in my pocket it I would hit it so much less as well.

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