Still no signs but getting excited

38+4 today and MW appointment yesterday she said baby is 3/5 engaged so getting there! Position is okay and bumps has dropped. Getting a sweep offer next week. So this might be our last weekend as a two! ❤️
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I wish I was having the sweep at 39 weeks but I’m 2 days away from full term now and my next midwife appointment doesn’t land till after my due date so I don’t get it till 40 weeks plus 🥲

Hey I got told exactly the same as you when I was 37 weeks on the dot. Got me really excited too as I just can’t wait for the baby to arrive. To then be told sometimes baby can stay engaged like that for a couple of weeks 🙈 however I still see it as a sign we are a step closer yay! Other than that do you have any other signs? I’m struggling to walk a little and just more loose and often emptying bowels

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