Anyone have advice on how to quit vaping?

I just found out im pregnant and vape. I know i need to stop but its so hard anything helps!
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so vaping was literally the only thing that felt impossible for me to quit and my best advice is throw the vape in the woods not just away it needs to be somewhere you will never find it again and stay away from people who vape and stores where vapes are sold also ik it’s hard but try to stay as stress free as possible bc that makes the craving for a hit so much worse, i really hope any of this works for you 🫶

Thank you ❤️

Also I would give my hubby gum or mints and he would use either one if he thought he wanted to vape

Not gonna lie I know everyone is different but I quit without much thought but I was never on a super high dose of nicotine I think it took maybe 2mos to fully get that stuff out my system tbh and I don’t even think about it much even with my partner vaping still I honestly love how much better I feel tbh you’ll feel great ! It’s like resting your body and I more than likely will not go back to it tbh

you’re so welcome ml 🫶

i vaped for 7 years on the highest 5-6% nicotine and all of a sudden when i found out i was pregnant i started getting really bad morning sickness and it would last all day n i just couldn’t even hit the vape without wanting to throw up cuz it was a sugary flavor i suggest getting a really gross flavor that makes u nauseous u won’t even want to hit it or be tempted and then when ur totally not tempted throw it away

it feels so good to stop fr like i will never vape again after this!!! my body feels healthier i can actually breathe fully and my anxiety is gone

I went through so many a day it was ridiculous and I am now 4 months with out having one it is difficult but definitely is achievable my hardest part about it was still being around people who vaped but once I stoped seeing them I found it a lot easier and now later down the line I can see them and be near them and not need a puff

I was vaping until i hit 28 weeks pregnant because it felt gross physically and like the baby was reacting strongly which also made it uncomfortable.. so i took it as a sign that its really not doing either of us any good. So any time i craved a puff i thought of my child's health and wellbeing and grabbed a snack instead 😅

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