Stress and reduced movements

I had a really stressful day yesterday and spent the past 24 hours crying a lot and feeling really down. Didn’t sleep well at all last night. I’ve noticed baby girl hasn’t been moving as much since all this so will be going into hospital today for monitoring. Has anyone else had this? I feel absoloutely awful that my mood could have affected her😞
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I’ve experienced the similar issue. I have a very active baby that I know his moving patterns by now. But every time I’m stressed due to work he’s literally hiding somewhere in ether womb and not moving. I went to hospital couple of times for that, but as soon as I got there, lay down on that bed and have the CST sticked on me, ( then I’m more chill and only focussed on him )then he starts dancing. So yes unfortunately our moods affect the fetus, and it’s crazy not being able to control that 🥲

I have this when I get super stressed that baby hasn't been active, and then it seems the more I stress the less active baby becomes and I get myself into a panic. It's so hard not to isn't it 😔 I'm sure I was told they pick up on it when we are stressed, but if there's a miracle cure for it then I haven't found it yet! Good luck today 💕

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