Double stroller or single

Debating if I should get the Graco grow to extend stroller or the Evenflo Xpand? I’ve also been tempted to just get the Nuna car seat and stroller. But I have my 22 month old and baby girl will come in October, so debating if it will even be worth it to get the double stroller, but I know I will be alone most of the time since my husband will be at work. Feeling like it would be more worth it to just get the graco/evenflo. Which did you guys like better? & how often did you actually use the stroller for both kiddos? Nervous to even go out with the two of them alone when bby girl comes. I also have a bonus daughter who will be 8 by that time but can’t/don’t rely on her to help take care of her younger brother..
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I like having the double stroller even now with my oldest being 3yo and youngest almost 2yo because my oldest loves riding in the seat so if I try taking the single out he gets SO upset that he can’t sit with his brother 😅 Plus we went on a family trip recently where we had to walk a couple miles plus most of a day downtown and it saved the day lol Definitely worth it!

I have a double stroller and haven’t used it a whole lot. Mine are now 2.5yrs and 14 months. I used it a bit during the newborn stage, but my oldest always preferred to walk 🫠. However, we got a stroller wagon this spring and in use it daily. I live somewhat rural and the wagon has better wheels for uneven ground and my oldest loves it. In hindsight, I wish I have got the wagon and not a double stroller.

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