Here is an important question for me and all the other soon to be first time mommas , what were some signs that lead you to know labor was approaching ?
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I had nothing, just woke up one morning thinking I was going to pee myself so I ran to the toilet and my waters broke!

not necessarily.. but mucus plug, back aching, diarrhea could be signs for sure

Literally nothing! Lost my mucus plug 5 weeks before I had my first contraction!

I can't help here, I went in to be induced to be told I was 3cm dilated and in active labour 😂 I couldn't feel a thing 😂

I knew I was in labour because I’d woke up with real bad back pain and regular contractions I was swaying side to side on the edge of my bed later on during the day I lost my mucus plug and my waters broke

i lost my mucus plug a few hours before contractions started

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