Sleep Regression?

Ladies I need help. I’m miserable. My son has been such a great sleeper for the past couple of months. Sleeping 10-12 hours a night in his room. He gave me a little taste of a normal sleep schedule. Now all of a sudden he was waking up once during the night for 3 nights in a row. Okay, not a big deal, gave him a bottle and he went right down. Then it was twice a night for a couple more nights in a row and it was harder to get him down and stay asleep once transferred back to crib. Now it’s like every 2-3 hours for the past two nights. And every single time I try to transfer him to the crib he wakes up immediately and starts crying. His naps has also decreased tremendously. I thought he was just going to two long naps rather than a 3-4 short naps. No. It’s still like 2 naps, but now they are 20-30 min. I can’t win. I’m so exhausted. I need advice. My husband works during the day and I’m a SAHM so the nightshift has and will always be just on me. I don’t get any help. And I’m so tired and miserable. -Signed a tired mama who just spent 2 hours trying to get her son to stay asleep in his crib.
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Going through the same exact thing right now! Just out of no where🤦🏽‍♀️ from what I read it is a 7 month sleep regression. I do hope it’s done soon I had a good napper as well. I’m sleep deprived and burnt out seems like as soon as we get break the next challenge comes 😅

It is exhausting. It’s amazing that he slept 10-11 hours! What a gift. My daughter wakes every 2-3 hours as well. This has been the usual. Lately, it’s felt like more wakings. It hurts flinging my body out of bed. Last night I slept on a foldable guest mattress next to her crib. She’s teething & the only thing to get her back down is breastfeeding. I coslept with my oldest child from birth till I gave birth to my 2nd. I know cosleeping isn’t ideal, but it’s the only solution to get somewhat decent rest nowadays. I would cosleep with her in my bed, but my husband wakes early for work & due to the nature of his job it wouldn’t be safe for him to have disrupted sleep.

My little one started having sleep changes and I realized it’s teething. He has 2 teeth already but these two top teeth coming in are making him miserable, fussy, clingy, and fighting rest / nursing. Giving him camilia teething drops and Motrin when he’s inconsolable has helped tremendously. I’m not sure if you’ve already checked this box but it might help to check their little gums

This is me. Ever since my LO turned 8 months, naps been decreased by 1/2 and even cut short to 30mins vs 2hrs I was use too, she’s waking up in middle of night and we’re dealing with sleep regression as well 😩, I heard it occurs from somewhere 8-10months as LO growing on top of teething too & being clingy…… 🤦🏽‍♀️ all I can say since I know this phase shall too pass

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