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Hi everyone, does anyone have any good lists of what you actually need to get for a first baby? There’s so many and I’m getting confused on what I actually need to get. Appreciate any help 🤍
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Would love this too

I dont have my list anymore but what i would say is, u dont use alot of the items for MONTHS (bouncers/jumperoo/highchair etc) so buy those after baby is here -changing tables are a waste of space - not buying a baby bath for my next baby as its easier to use sink or actual bath -Travel changing mats we NEVER used! - only buy sleepsuits for first few months as they sleep sooo much and trousers/dresses are much harder! - bumbo seats to help them sit up are also waste of money as can prop them up on couch or with cushions etc - we bought loads of playmats for my first and they slide about, seperate, get dirty and she kept chewing them 😩 - dont buy a carrier as the babybox comes with a sling and its so good! - babybox also contains a bath thermometer so dont need to buy one of those either - highly recommend a cold water sterilising bucket and milton tablets (u can keep the water for 24hrs and only takes 15mins to sterilise!) - also recommend an electric bogey sucker from amazon!

-Also recommend an ear/forehead thermometer off amazon aswell, as its the way the hospital/doctors get their temp and my baby HATED the underarm ones! -buy loads of bibs/muslins (i had a sicky baby and had PILES of bibs!) - mittens are pointless as most babygrows/sleepsuits have the foldover glove parts attached! - baby shoes are also a waste of money, i sold all of them on vinted as she never wore any of them! Stock up on baby wipes, u need them for life now 😂

We have decided to wait until we get our Baby Box then decide what tops ups we might need/want. As others have said, not much needed for the early weeks & months. Car seat + baby box sling will do us to get started. I figure baby mostly just needs fed, cuddled & kept clean to begin with.

This is amazing and such great advice from everyone. Thank you so much 🤍

I personally loved having a changing station and have used it for every nappy change until she became too mobile at 7months. Think that one’s just a personal preference, I found it so much easier on my back to stand up to change her rather than hunched over with her on a changing mat on the ground. We just bought a chest of drawers from ikea so doubled as storage for blankets, nappies, clothes etc. We’ve also bought tonnes of puppy pads to put down on the changing mat and for out and about to catch any mid-change pees. I still use them now at almost 8months and can get a bag of 100 for £12 out of b&m. Any time I’ve “risked it” without using one, she’s peed all over her clothes and had to do a whole outfit change 😂 x

That’s great tips too, I am definitely going to use the puppy pads 😂 great thinking! Thanks for the advice

We also had a change table that was great for our backs, i got rid of it when she was mobile at around 8 months. We actually used the baby box mattress as padding for it. I second that a baby bath isn't necessary - our toddler is still bathing in the sink. A travel mat I would say is useful as sometimes change areas might not be so clean and if you're at a friend's it just nice to be able to protect their carpet 😅 muslins could be used instead though - honestly muslins in all sizes are useful for so many things! Nappy cream, vests, sleepsuits, multiple blankets to add/takeaway depending on the weather, teethers. Our favourite teether is the bickiepegs penguin - still using it at 20months and was literally a lifesaver during her biting phase!

Oh great that’s so useful, thank you so much 🤍

Wait to see what your baby is like before buying too much, we have a draw full of unused bibs as she’s never been drooly or spit up badly. The only things I would really recommend are a swaddling sleeping bag (I could not get the hang of tucking in blankets correctly) and reusable wipes. The reusable wipes clean so much better than disposable ones. We used quite a bit of cotton wool for the first week or two before switching to the wipes, also used it for top and tail washes. The baby box comes with so much good stuff.

@Beth thank you! What book is this please?

@Emma It’s called First Time Parent by Lucy Atkins, you might be able to find a free pdf online/ second hand on vinted. I didn’t read it once she was here but it had so many good lists of what you do and don’t need that’s not biased or a paid sponsorship. I found it so helpful x

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