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How many clothes are too many or too little and what sizes should I stock up on the most? Newborn Up to 1 month 0-3 months 3-6 months
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I'd say get more 0 to 3 and 3 to 6, and minimal newborn / up to 1 month. They usually grow pretty quickly x

You may not need newborn or 0-1 much depends on size of baby. General advice is get mostly 0-3 and a few smaller ones unless you think your baby is on the smaller side. My first was 10th centile and born 6lbs 6oz so we did need the smaller sizes. As for how many, maybe 10 sleep suits and 10 vests in 0-3, less for smaller sizes. People tend to gift baby clothes so you might get given quite a bit too. We got given lots of 0-3.

My son, who was estimated to be a bigger baby, was in newborn for 8 weeks and then up to 1 month till he was 3 months, and 0-3 till he was 5 months! Every baby is so different so it’s really hard to predict. I would get a variety and quite a few sleepsuits and vests in all sizes (especially since newborns will probably have a few outfit changes due to spit up or wet/dirty nappies) but if it’s outfits I would stick to 0-3 and 3-6 as they’ll likely get more wear out of them

Agree with most people that if you’re expecting an average sized baby I’d get minimal newborn, a reasonable amount of 0-1 month and mostly 0-3. My first baby was 7lbs 5 and in the newborn size for a matter of days, in 0-1 for about a month and then followed the sizing pretty consistently from there.

We have a bin bag of newborn and 2 bin bags or 0-3 'x

I would just add to check the sizing guide for each shop as they vary wildly! My first was 8lb 3oz but fit into ‘newborn’ size from Matalan for at least a month 😂

Honestly not very much. It depends on how often you do laundry. Do you want to do it once a week or everyday. If everyday then I would really only get maybe like 7-10 things. For onesies or pants or pjs or actual outfits you just kind of have to see what you like. If you plan to do laundry once a week then I would probably plan for two outfits everyday just incase. Or a little less then that because for us we only changed if they had a big blow out. If they split up a little then we didn’t change and if they did split up a ton and got soaked then we did change. I would think about the season they will be born in for the first few months but after if you are getting stuff then just get basics. Pants and onesies. Because you don’t want to buy winter stuff when they are that age because they potentially will be huge and fit into that stuff in the summer time or they might be small and might not fit into winter stuff until later. So just get basics and then pick up clothes as they getolder

i got a variety of different sizes but mainly 0-3 a lot of shops i have been into don’t really do up to 1 month it’s more up to 3 months which is annoying so my main categories are newborn and 0-3 either way he’ll grow into it but i’m convinced i’ll have a big baby😂

I just bought alot from vinted to save money. I got mainly 0-1m. A little bit of newborn and then plenty 0-3. I'm guna start stocking up on 3-6 once he's born too as plenty of time to get that draw sorted x

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