Morning all. I’m 29+5 days and I’ve woken up feeling extremely sick. I’ve had morning sickness at the start of my pregnancy but ended around 14 weeks. I’m concerned as I’ve not felt sick since, should I be worried. Thanks in advance and sorry for the worry!
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Can it be indigestion perhaps? I had sickness throughout my entire 2nd pregnancy

Salad and a slice of pizza for dinner and then water. It could be yes, but it’s just weird how it’s one off for the first time in a while. Thanks for coming back so quickly. X

Probably unrelated to pregnancy, there's a new strain of Covid going around right now among other shitty bugs x

I had this with my first, towards the end of pregnancy which your in your third trimester your hormones ramp back up, my sickness started from 30 weeks up until I gave birth, midwife said it was completely normal and it’s just your hormones ramping up again, first trimester horomones are high and changing which causes sickness , second trimester they settle down, and then third trimester they ramp back up again x

Completely normal for symptoms to come and go! I wouldn’t worry x

I had a few days to a week of nausea around 28-30 weeks too, it subsided after a few days x

Hey I’m 27 weeks and experienced this week. I was very violently sick again and haven’t been since I was 16 weeks. I’ve had a lot of indigestion and had to cut some things out. Do speak to your midwife though because if you have head aches or ongoing tummy pain it could be risk of pre eclampsia etc. x

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