Braxton hicks?

This morning I thought I was absolutely dying but it turned out to be gas lol. However right now I feel period like cramping in my lower tummy and back going down my legs. I felt a very prominent squeezing kind of feeling in my tummy. Is it too early for Braxton hicks? This time it really doesn’t feel like gas. 18wks+6days
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Just had another one, literally brought tears to my eyes 😭

i would call your doctor

Have you experienced round ligament pain yet? It sounds like it could be. I’m 17 wks+5 days and I starting experiencing this. It should happen around 14-27 weeks I read. Update us.

@Keante I can’t say that I have. I’ve had tons of pelvic pain that’s been pretty consistent and that pain went away but even now, I’m experiencing a faint cramping feeling. I was fine all day today, I’m not sure what that was and what this cramping now is but I’m just glad it doesn’t hurt so bad anymore. I have an anatomy scan tomorrow afternoon so fingers crossed!

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