Daytime sleep/sleep regression

I’m assuming we’ve started the sleep regression, resistance to daytime naps and increased waking at night (gone from once to every 3 hours) However, what are we doing for daytime naps now they are understanding day and night? Are you putting them into a dark room? Or trying to get them down in daylight?
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Yes sounds like 4mo sleep regression. We’re hopefully almost through it, took around 6 weeks. For daytime naps, when home in dark room with white noise I’ve found to be the best way to get my little girl down. However naps are still 30-45 mins max, which is a bit brutal for us but developmentally correct for their age! Main piece of advice is that they need whatever they had to get them to sleep to stay asleep/connect their sleep cycle - so for us keeping a routine, going by wake windows and trying to intervene as little as possible when they are falling asleep seems to work best! Good luck, and try to remember it’s all just a phase - easier said than done when they are smiling at you after a 27 min nap 🙃

We got in and out of it pretty quick I want to say about 4 nights ish. But I did leave my boy a few minutes before rushing in at night. This helped him to start to settle on his own. Each to their own though I get that xx

@Laura we do 30 min cat naps in the day too! Last night he didn’t have a nap for over 5 hours because he just refused to go down. Every time I put him down he started smiling at me 😂

@Natalie Mepham that’s so good! I have been leaving him when he first wakes to see if he’ll re-settle and he does usually so only feeding once in the night xx

@Hannah that’s really good, we are down to one feed now too which is lovely lol. Beau will sleep longer in the day if he’s on my bed so I just do that now and put his camera so I can see him. My eldest was the same and he transitioned well to naps in his cot and still naps religiously now at 3 lol. Do I sometimes have to wake him up from a 2 hour nap. Early days I just think do what you need to do to get through and better sleep in the day leads to better sleep at night xx

@Hannah it’s so hard isn’t it! I’ve found some success in doing the last nap of the day in the carrier - I find if I put her in when she’s due a nap and start washing up her bottles then the water noise makes her nod off - it’s doing my back no favours but a bit better than her getting overtired and screaming at me while I stand in a dark room with her 🙄

We are about week 3 and a half but think we’re getting out of it, the only way is we rock her in her pushchair when she’s clearly overtired and upset can take a few minutes to 20 to get her Ina deep sleep then she’s only sleeping 30-40 mins x

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