Early pregnancy leggings

Hi ladies, I am little bit lost here. I am looking for some early pregnancy leggings? Or any trousers because I feel like I don’t have anything decent to wear! I can’t wear normal my usual anymore and for maternity I have still small bump. I am almost 13 weeks pregnant. Any recommendations please? 🙏🙏🙏🥰
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Adanola cross over leggings, or normal type just size up Xx

To start with I would just buy some in a size up that you can wear afterwards. I bought maternity early on and only just get away with my maternity leggings at 24 weeks. I recommend fabletics, I've heard good things about love leggings (think they have a new brand name). I live in my fabletics thick ones anyway! For reference I have a normal bump for first pregnancy. None of my clothes fit but I bought some summer maternity trousers and have to sell them because by the time they fit me, summer will be over 🤦🏻‍♀️ VINTED FOR EVERYTHING. Trust me, the price on maternity stuff is STUPID and the last thing you want is to spend 50 quid on a pair of leggings that you're only big enough to fit for about a month!

I just wore my usual jeans for the first little bit and used a hairband to do them up coz they wouldn’t button! You can also buy extenders on Amazon so you can still wear your normal non-maternity clothes.

primark have leggings for £7 that are fleecey material inside, i was wearing my normal size and one size up, upto when i gave birth so they’re amazing and cheap! i found all the fancy “maternity leggings” crap x

Normal Primark high waisted leggings are good but finding that they’re becoming see through as I gain weight and wash them . H&M mama have been a God send since late first trimester, only £8-10.

I bought some gym shark leggings in the next size up. The material is so stretchy with a good amount of give and returns really well after a wash. I still wear them after the birth now as they work with your body.

Lovall leggings are really good!! 🥰

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