So I’m a single 18 year old mom, baby girl is about 3 and half months old. I’ve been talking to someone for almost 2 months, he’s 18 turning 19. He knows about my daughter and has fully accepting of her, I told him right off bat that I did have my daughter and that she is my main focus and that if something where to happen between me and him he needed to accept that I at least have a daughter and that she comes first to me always and if he couldn’t then it already wouldn’t work out, and he completely understood and has been completely accepting of her. After talking for a little while we started calling, then FaceTime, and over the phone he had met my daughter, he makes faces at her and plays with her and it’s honestly just so so cute. But it’s been almost 2 months and we still haven’t met in person.. I have talked to him today about it and he said it’s because of his anxiety and because of how strong he feels towards me he is scared that it won’t be the same in person and that it’s gonna hurt him or me, and a bunch of other things.. I’m not sure what to do.. he keeps telling me he’s going to get there but idk.. we are pretty much in a relationship without the title and we have no title because we haven’t met if we have met we would have put a title on it already.. idk what to do.. any advice?
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His concerns seem valid but it almost seems immature at the same time. I wouldn’t force a relationship and put my eyes on one basket. Talk to other people as well and keep your options open

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