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Hey 😌 just wandered how others were getting on with feeds now.. My little man has just weaned off breast completely now, so using formula milk & leftover breast milk. Early bottle- 210ml milk Breakfast- 180ml milk & cereal, fruit & yogurt Lunch- 210ml milk Tea- 120ml milk & mini meal (salmon, mash & peas) Bedtime bottle- 240 ml milk I am reducing milk slightly as he has more solids 👌🏼 How’s it going for you?
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Our little one is currently in the process of dropping a bottle I think. He will some days have 4 (2x 7oz and 2x 6oz) and some days have three (3x 7oz). 5/6am bottle 7am or 8am - breakfast -porridge /Weetabix with fruit 10am /11am bottle 12/1pm Lunch (veggie sticks and puree) If on the early schedule he'll have a bottle around 2pm if on the later one he'll skip it. 5pm dinner (usually try and give him what we are having or similar) Bolognese etc. 7pm bottle and bed. I'm just going with it to be honest. Some days we skip meals and he's not really showing interest. I loved weening with my first so I'm just trying to enjoy it x

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