Hi, everyone!

Joined this group because while I am due December 6th, my doctor said I’ll be induced at 39weeks at minimum due to being high risk. Which would put my baby being born on November 29th or 30th. I hope it’s okay that im in both groups 😅 Currently 18wks+6days
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Welcome to the group!

Girl there’s no group police monitoring who should be in what. Be in as many groups as you want lol. I’m in both the November and October groups because I’m due November 1st, but I might opt for an elective C Section which would put me in October. And welcome!

I’m in both the October & November groups cause I’m due 10/29 but that can easily be November especially since I’m trying to have her on the 31st

Welcome to the group! I’m due on 27th October but the app added me automatically in Nov babies and I didn’t feel like changing it 🥹🥹

I'm probably gonna be in the October group 🤣

I started out with a Thanksgiving due date, and just learned it’s been moved to Dec. 2nd. I guess we’ll see when he comes!

I’m due Nov 21st so we aren’t too far apart!! Welcome :)

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